Battery (WORDS/SWORD), 2014
Duration: 2' 57"

Battery (WORDS/SWORD) is a sequence from my series, The Black Tongue Lexicon.

In this abstract interpretation of a hatchery, I am dressed in a black tracksuit running around a circle of large eggs in a desert landscape waiting for them to gestate. The singular white stripes adorning the sleeves and legs of the tracksuit parrot the outfit worn by the subjects depicted in the early motion studies of French chronophotographer, Étienne-Jules Marey. Marey’s images simplified human movement, making it graphically discernable for scientific study. This work (and others from this series) play at extending the activities of Marey’s striped man in a contemporary setting so that we might continue this analysis of motion today through a metaphoric lens.

I parallel our immersion in the landscape with our immersion in language; the two “spaces” are often home to both lofty construction, and great discomfort. Here, my process-engrossed body executes repetitive tasks while situated in the landscape. It is a non-theatrical activator or instigator; a ritual-betrothed body whose preoccupation with the ground’s surface serves as an analogue for the drama surrounding our inexorable confederacy with language.