The Black Tongue Lexicon
Performance Tour

Jacksonville, FL
Black Box Theater
Phillips Fine Arts Building
Jacksonville University
2/17/14 at 5PM

Greensboro, NC
Gatewood Gallery
UNC at Greensboro
2/18/14 at 7PM

Fredericksburg, VA
Studio 115 Black Box Theater
University of Mary Washington
2/20/14 @ 5PM

Towson, MD
Ruth Marder Studio Theater
Center for the Arts
Towson University
2/22/14 at 2PM

Philadelphia, PA
University Commons Art Gallery
Arcadia University
2/24/14 at 7PM

State College, PA
Arts Cottage
Pennsylvania State University

2/25/14 at 5PM 

Indiana, PA
Kipp Gallery
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2/26/14 at 5PM

Highland Heights, KY
George and Ellen Rieveschl Digitorium
Northern Kentucky University
2/27/14 at 5PM

Bowling Green, OH
The Eva Marie Saint Theatre
Wolfe Center for the Arts
Bowling Green State University
2/28/14 at 3:30PM

Iowa City, IA
120 N. Dubuque St.
3/5/14 at 7PM

Milwaukee, WI
Kenilworth Square
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
3/6/14 at 4PM

Cape Girardeau, MO
School of Art
Southeast Missouri State University
3/11/14 at 6PM

Lexington, KY
Tuska Center for Contemporary Art
Univeristy of Kentucky
3/12/14 at 5PM

Las Cruces, NM
University Art Gallery
New Mexico State University
3/18/14 at 6PM 

San Diego, CA
Hyde Art Gallery
Grossmont College
3/26/14 at 11AM

Logan, UT
Tippetts Gallery
Utah State University
3/28/14 at 3PM

Other Exhibitions

Tucson, AZ
Avant-Arizona: Experimental Media from Tucson
Exploded View
4/26/14 at 7:30PM